Welcome to E.A.S. Realty

Formed in 1982 to offer professional and full-service real estate services in building, development, management, acquisition, consulting, and workout services. Our 30 years of commercial and residential real estate services impact businesses, professionals, financial institutions and others. We look forward to developing successful real estate projects for you.

Strategic Expertise Leads To Successful Real Estate Projects

E.A.S. Realty’s strategic expertise ensures that any aspect of real estate is done with true skill and professionalism. We help clients create successful real estate initiatives through our extensive knowledge and our breadth and depth of experience in all areas of real estate. Clients appreciate our direct, advisory approach that builds collaborative, trusting and long-term partnerships.

Ed Shaffran, founder/owner of E.A.S. Realty and The Shaffran Companies is a known leader and skin-in-the-game professional in residential and commercial real estate building, development and management. Ed formed E.A.S. Realty to share his team’s expertise to help others develop thriving real estate ventures.

We invite you to contact E.A.S Realty to realize your real estate goals.